Roadworn to Perfection!                  

Building relic guitars, to me, it's a way of recreating music history and a way of owning an instrument which is individual and usually incredibly expensive to own.  If you are lucky enough to own an original 50's guitar would you really want to take it on the road with you? More likely it will be kept in a bank vault!

I build guitars out of my own passion for the look and feel of a well worn instrument.  I treat each individual build as if it was a piece of art. 

Any guitar I currently produce is a refinished original Fender, Gibson or mostly new build which are always high quality and the finish provided rivals anything built by mainstream manufacturers. Bodies are solid wood and painted in 100% nitrocellulose (age tinted if required).  Nitro is a great product as it allows for "checking" or cracking of paint as you would see on an original vintage instrument that has been subjected to frequent variations in temperature and obviously allows the body to be more resonant. 

I sometimes have complete guitars for sale direct from myself, so it's always worth checking my coming soon section to see what I'm currently working on.


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