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After spending many years restoring guitars I finally decided to build a relic.  I always wanted to reproduce the worn look of John Frusciante's strat, so this was my first build and I was hooked. I did learn from this, that trying to relic a modern factory poly finish is not really the way forward for an authentic look so all guitars, unless already painted in nitrocellulose, have been refinished. It took a couple of years to discover the secrets and develop my own processes of creating an authentic look and to realise the importance of fine details for the discerning customer.

If you take a look at my gallery you will see that a lot of my guitars are pretty heavy relics but I can also provide a roadworn look or "closet classic".

If you have any question, comments or maybe need some advice on your own project please feel free to drop me a line at v.bryant@sky.com

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